You have to grow from the inside out
None can teach you , None can make you spiritual
There is no other teacher but your own soul.
Good advice is hard to get but even harder to fallow…

About Script

Script writing is not a one-shot endeavor .it’s a career that requires Passion, Education and Commitment ….
Every classic script is about Ideas..It has something to say about life, about the human condition…
Main character with morals Story with MythCommercial elements with Folk
are combined together gives a Best script.

About story

Story is Structure ………………
People want to see new story , they haven’t seen before…
You should know what you want to say with the story ……..
Keep the audience emotionally involved with your story….
A good story elevated by the star cast…but star cast not elevates the bad story
Find the Locking point + Creative points + Connective points  in your story ..

About screenplay

Screen play is a form of creative writing…
Audience should not feel bore while watching a movie by the grip on the continuation of scenes is called the best screenplay …
3 Good ways to write screenplay
Write your  1st draft  script with Heart..
Write your 2nd draft script  with Mind..
Write your 3rd draft script with your friend…..

About Creativity

Creativity is finding  new things or expressing old truths in new ways
Modification is Creation ………..Resistance is the end of the creation….
Information   is  not  knowledge….Knowledge  is  not  convert  in  to  creativity ..
So …catch the information……
         Gain the knowledge …….
         Apply the creativity  …….
Then  .. you can create wonders……Until unless you are a common man…

About  success

To climb up the ladder of the success, you have to learn every aspect of script both good and bad….
To avoid failure, we all need to gain knowledge first…

About writer

Script writer
must have clear cut idea about “Which Genre movie has to write “..
The ideal writer is one that has a Great concept, a Great story and execute it…

About Me

I have  passion in the films…I have some basic ideas to make the script…If you give the story line …I will convert that story line in to good script  with perfect structure format and with good scenes..Or I had  some low budget scripts ..If you interested in it,I will give the scripts of mine.
Durga Ramesh Babu   
Cell  :  +91 8121986727 
E-mail ;
OBJECTIVE :   A position as a Film Writer….
Educational Qualifications   :  B.Tech  ( Chemical )


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