Script Basics

Plot  device: 

it is a thing or device used by hero/heroine  or character ,which helps to create feel, emotion, symbolism,connectivity,Tension.



in this movie hero krish maintaining a mask on his face .with that mask  he fights,saves the fine time he given the mask for good purpose.This shows a humanity angle in the hero.
In this movie krish given a ring to priyanka chopra for the symbol of love.At one point ,that ring is taken by the roudies…then it leads to fight.

2.Sholey :
Amitab having a coin …In the decision making time ,he uses that coin..that gives so many changes in the script.
These type of Plot Devices are seen in so many old movies.
Mister India ,Gayab etc….
Condition: there should be a purpose in the script to apply plot device .
It is a added advantage to the story and help in the run of the story.
Without any purpose don’t use the plot device.

Plantings and payoffs:


1.Ishqiya : 
in the first half one boy repaired the gun of Arshad varsi. the  boy is planted in the first half…In the second half ,at pre climax position that boy saves Naseeruddin sha and Arshad boy  character d planted and payoffs…

2.Dil chahta hai: 
In the first half ,Ameer khan said a Romantic dialogue in comic way infront of preethi jinta in Pub. The same dialogue Ameer khan said in serious way infrontof  preethi zinta…here dialogue is planted and payoffs…

3.3 idiots: 

professor Sahasrabuddhi (Boman Irani) told about “pen” in the first half. He is waiting for to give it a Best student .finally in the second half Rancho(AmeerKhan) got that pen from professor Sahasrabudhi. Show that Rancho  become best student. Here “pen “ planted and payoffs.

Like that in so many movies dialogues, articals, paintings,characters ,guns are planted and payoffs taking place. We are not thinking in the second half.

at the time these are coming on the screen.

Ghajini---Foot print of Ameer Khan and Asin.

Dil to pagal Hai---visil sound making by Sharukh khan

D.D.L--- A bell ,that which is given  to kajol by sharukh khan.

Time lock and option lock :

Time lock :
It is a condition for hero  to overcome a problem within particular time. It increases the Risk of main character. More incidents and more turns should happen .due to that tension raised in the audience mind.

speed, The killer ,Titanic,Hangover ,Lagaan.

Option lock :

It is a condition with number of options. Here so many ways to solve the problem. There is no time limit. The main character searching to overcome problem by different ways. If every option is failed ,main character facing risk. Finally main character overcome from the problem with last option.
It also raises tension in the audience mind in different way.

Jurassic park

If script starts with time lock..then turn in to option lock—don’t waste time. maintain three options only…first option must be failed..second option must be half succeed…third option must be hit the target.
Example: Taxi No 9211 …(used this one –-hit)
Thathastu (not used ----flop)


A struggle between opposing forces in a story or play, usually resolved by the end of the work. The conflict may occur within a character as well as between characters.

The unified structure of incidents in a cinematic story .


A subsidiary or subordinate or parallel
 plot in a play or story that coexists with the main plot. 

The main character of a cinematic story –nothing but “Hero” ..


A character or force against which another character struggles. Like “Villain “..but some times he is not a villain..

Point of view

The angle of vision from which a story is narrated.

Drama and Melo drama

 drama film is a film genre that depends mostly on in-depth development of realistic characters dealing with emotional themes. 

A Melodrama films are a sub genre of drama films characterized by a plot that appeals to the heightened emotions of the audience.


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