Jolly LLB

1.The main plot relates to what  the lead character wants ,the main subplot  relates to what they need.

Main plot: the lead character’s interactions with main opponent is called the main plot..

Sub plot : The lead character’s interactions with other characters are called sub plots.

Arshad Warsi (jolly) wants justice and fight for  that through his occupation as lawyer. This is the main plot.

He has the sub plot as love with Amrutha rao.

2.The lead character has a clear opponent  who opposes their wishes and tries to stop them getting what they want.
Arshad Warsi (jolly) a small lawyer decided and declared the war on famous lawyer Rajpal (Bomman Irani).

3. If a lead character ‘s challenge was easy there would be no story.
As per cinema –character always has to face big challenge .In this movie Arshad Warsi take up  a challenge to defeat famous lawyer Rajpal (Boman Irani).

Zero state lawyer versus Famous lawyer…

4. The lead character in a movie is usually the person who changes the most from the start to finish.

In the starting we see normal, hilarious Arshad Warsi (Jolly) as small failured  lawyer in Meerut. But as movie moves  on to climax he changed as best lawyer.

At climax, his given speech is fabulous.

5.Two sequences are very best in the movie

A. In 1st half –with PINTO –Rajpal (Boman irani) played a game is mindblowing.

B.In 2nd half—old gun man came for the security  to Arshad warsi and making food for  him is comedy sequence . finally that old gunman helps  in the crucial time.

6.The sub plot clash always leads to main plot conflict.
Amrutha rao  giving a clash to Arshad Warsi .because as lawyer Arshad Warsi taken The money for injustice case. That is not good one. So by the sub plot (lover) there is a clash coming into picture. Hence it is one of the reason to Arshad Warsi ‘s changeover and an old person, who arranged office for Arshad Warsi …he slapped after completion of the case in the first half. That is the second reason for the changeovers.

7.Connecting point :
After slapping of old person, Arshad Warsi seriously thinks and moved on footpath and he tried to pass out urine. At the time footpath living person said that “please don’t pass urine nearby ….”That scene gives more impact on Arshad Warsi (and also to the audience) .this scene connects to every one –who see the people on footpath in their daily life and also in news papers.

8. Best scenes

A. Establishing backdrop –starting scene –victim hand seeing by one lawyer for the  bail as astrologer..

B. Arshad Warsi Introduction case 

C. Mistakes written by Arshad Warsi –those are noticed by judge Sourabh shukla

D. Court Sangeeth scene

E.An Auction scene in the police station

F.Boman Irani—sourabh shukla discussion about flats in court hall

G.Arshad Warsi passing urine on foot path scene

H.Climax discussion scene…

9. Assets :

A.Casting ---Arshad Warsi ,Boman Irani ,Sourabh shukla ,Amrutha rao –is very good.  

B.low budget script  –office room ,one court hall ,one house with less characters.

C.court Backdrop is very fresh .

D.Arshad Warsi –coming from Meerut..using the slang of UP…


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