Main Thread -1:

Lost and found formula

In India, so much value given to blood relations. Blood is thicker than water in Indian culture and tradition. It is best sentiment of ever. Those who are united ,if they departed it is  pain full. The audience always want happy ending by reuniting the blood relation. It is also worked out to wife and husband relation.

It may  be

Father and mother (Baaghban)….
father and son (Dabaang and kabhi khshi kabhi gham )…..
Father and daughter (yadein)
Mother and son (Deewar, Amar Akbar Anthony, Karan-Arjun)
Brother  and sister (Yadon ki bhaarath)
Wife and husband (Raaz , Roja ,Silsila)
Mingling with all relatives with kith and kin is one of the aspect in Indian tradition.

Financial contrast Love formula

Love between haves and have not is the eternal interesting entertainment for the audience or vice versa. This thread is used in most of the films .through different characters /characterizations , with new backdrops , new professions , caste/religion/Culture and tradition thread is inner current.


Bobby (Rich boy –poor girl), Rangeela (poor boy —middle class girl)
Jab we met (Rich boy –punjab Culture girl), Vicky Donor (Punjab culture boy—Bengali culture girl) , 3 idiots (poor boy—rich girl) ,lagaan ( Middle class boy and girl), Dabaang (rich boy—poor girl), DDLJ(Rich boy –middle class Punjab girl),Ranjahana (Hindu boy –muslim girl), Bombay (Hind boy—muslim girl) ,munnabhai /lageraho munnabhai( roudy –rich girl)

Heroine with “problem” –Hero with “Solution”

If Heroine has the problem ,Hero will solve …

Heroine may have a problem or Aim ..then hero tries to fulfill that target.
Often we use this thread to gain the lady viewers .


Lage raho Munna bhai –Vidybalan has a problem about 2nd innings house.
Munnabhai clearing that problem towards movie end.

Kal ho naa Ho ---Preethi jinta has a problems in family life..sharukh khan clearing all the problems in her life.

Sufferer revolt

The suppressed in the society may revolt and react severely. The anger in him may be expressed in various angles.

Example :

Wednes day –Nasheeruddin shah reacted against police intelligence for the irritation of terrorism acts.

Nayak- a common media reporter reacted against C.M and become chief minister in oneday and continued.
Like that Aparichit, Indian ,Getilman…

Replace the person (Dual role concepts)

In the dual role concepts the replacement of 2nd hero in the place of 1st hero concept  is known by audience well. But it creates the enthusiasm as well as interest ,anticipation. 

In this continuation the turns and twists have to catch the audience .At the same time both heros must have the contrast in characterization.
Example :Don ,Aurangajeb, Rowdy Rathore, seethe aur geetha….

The hero is certain of one thing , while life conspiring instead to throw at him the complete opposite. Hero proposes for something ,where as situation disposes for Another. 
It may lead to face the great risk ,ultimately how he overcomes the problems.


Munnabhai M.B.B.S—munnabhai is dada  become doctor.

Lage raho munnabhai—a rowdy become Gandhi follower.

Rowdy Rathore ---a rowdy acts like a serious police officer.

Krish---a village person become famous in other countries.

Swades—a NRI moves to village.

Pas gayere obama—a NRI kidnapped by Bandits.

Tare  jameen par--- a child moved to hostel and separated from his family .

Bluffing the villains

Hero may enter in to Villains den /family/backdrop/gang and utilizing the villain’s general innocence or weakness bluffing them for his purpose. Finally hero fulfill

His aim/target by  defeating them.

Ready –2nd half ….,Rowdy rathore---2nd half 

Love story
Love story thread must contains All the below stages..
--Introduction of boy and girl
--creation and increase of their love
--departure of lovers temporarily
--test and turmoil’s in the fulfillment of love
--reuniting of lovers
 May some stages miss in the love stories. It is depend on the overall story of the movie. Some time it end at first half..then film enters in to new thread in 2nd half.
Examples :
D.D.L.J, kuch kuch hota hai, dil to pagal hai, salaam ishq Namaste, wakeup sid,
Jab we met, Dilchahtaa hai , Ghajini, Kal ho naa Ho ,Koi mil gaya, Paa, Maine pyaar kiya, Jane tu jane naa..,Azab premki Gazab kahani, taal, partner,Welcome, Dabaang, Lagaan, Hum –Tum, 3 idiots,Chini kum….

Zero to hero concept

In this zero to hero concept , the hero faces so many challenges to achieve the higher status from the common man position.

--if the hero character is positive and if he is with morals the graph of the hero Ends in pleasure..

--if the hero character is negative and if he is without morals the graph of the hero Ends in misery.

Both negative and positive characterization  of the hero  has to give some message to the audience.

+ve---Sholay  ,Lagaan, Wakeup sid ,Karan-Arjun ,Koi mil gaya, Jolly LLB, Jab we met
-ve ---Satya, The dirty picture…

Hero comes ,changes happen in the backdrop/characters
The hero has to create new dimensions even in the common ,formal,situations which drags the attention of the audience. It may happen in family atmosphere or in the public or in the  visiting places.

Examples :

Bavarchi ,Guide, Anand ,3 idiots, Nayakan, Nayak ,munnabhai MBBS,Lage raho munnabhai…. 


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